10w Red, Green or Blue LED Flood Light

DIMENSIONS:                                    120 x 95 x 22mm
POWER CONSUMPTION:                10w
VOLTAGE:                                           220 – 240v
CASING MATERIAL:                          Graphene

Energy saving LED Technology
Brighter than 100w halogen
Compact Slim Design
110 ̊ Beam Angle
CRI > 75
IP65 rated for outdoor use
Available with Red, Green or Blue Light
Life expectancy 30,000 hours
2 Year RTB Warranty
CE, ROHS Certified


Typical uses:
To illuminate features, such as: Trees, Ponds, Gardens etc.
Order codes

Red – DZ10SLRD
Blue – DZ10SLBL
Green – DZ10SLGR
Pack Size:


This highly efficient 10w LED flood light is designed to replace a 100w halogen light, using only a tenth of the energy. The model comes in 3 variants with either Red, Green or Blue Light emitted. The strong vibrant coloured light help to create lovely effects in the garden or patio etc. It comes with an IP65 rating, this means it is suitable for use outdoors, rain or shine. The hosuing is made from Graphene making it corrosion resistant. It comes already wired, ready to be connected into your existing power supply and with a bracket to allow mounting to a wall.

This light can be run using any suitable motion detecting sensors, dusk to dawn sensors or straight from a switch (All supplied separately).