50w Slim Black LED Flood Light

DIMENSIONS:                                     254 x 209 x 28mm
LUMENS:                                             4500lm
POWER CONSUMPTION:                 50w
VOLTAGE:                                            220 – 240v
CASING MATERIAL:                          Aluminium

Energy saving – Over 85%
Brighter than 500w halogen
120 ̊ Beam Angle
CRI > 75
IP65 for outdoor use
Daylight White 6000K
Life expectancy 30,000 hours
2 Year RTB Warranty
CE, ROHS Certified


Typically used for:
Large Driveways, Large Gardens, Large Patio’s
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This highly efficient 50w LED flood light is designed to replace a 500w halogen light, using only a tenth of the energy. The light emitted is a bright daylight white colour and is designed to give a general flood of light. It comes with an IP65 rating, this means it is suitable for use outdoors, rain or shine. A light of this size is ideal for large driveways, large patio’s, larger sized gardens and generally anywhere you need to give the light level a good boost. It comes already wired, ready to be connected into your existing power supply and with a bracket to allow mounting to a wall.

This light can be run using any suitable motion detecting sensors, dusk to dawn sensors or straight from a switch (All supplied separately).