200w LED UFO High Bay Light Dimmable Philips Driver

This incredibly efficient 200w LED UFO HighBay light is seriously upgrade to a 400w sodium or metal halide light, using only a fraction of the energy. It boasts fantastic performance and produces more light than many other high bay lights of the same size and power. This is achieved by having high performance Philips LED chips which give a high lumen per watt. The light emitted is a bright daylight white colour and is designed to give a strong flood of light from the wide beam angle lens. The housing is a strong, robust cast aluminium body, with a series of fins on the top for great heat dissipation. This helps to preserve the life of the LED chips. It comes with an IP65 rating, this means it is suitable for use in dusty & wet environments. Being LED it switches on to full power instantly, no more waiting for the lights to warm up!

Having a dimmable driver it allows this High Bay to be controlled to give only the light required, in turn saving more energy & money. It will work with most 0-10v dimmers, sensors or switches. When installed using a light sensing controller, it can be used to ‘top up’ natural daylight. As daylight levels change the light will automatically adjust, giving the correct light required using the minimum possible electricity. Ideal for barns and buildings with livestock, allows you to create day and night conditions to suit the animals needs. This technology can help increase the animal wellbeing which in turn can increase yields.

This light is designed for Barns, Grain Stores, Factories, Work Shops, Warehouses and any large tall buildings requiring a powerful light. It is fitted with a shatterproof Poly Carbonate lens making it suitable for grain stores & food storage areas. It comes already wired, ready to be connected into your existing power supply and with an eyelet to hang it.

This light can be run using any suitable motion detecting sensors, dusk to dawn sensors or straight from a switch (All supplied separately).

  • Energy saving – Over 85%
  • Philips LED’s + Philips Dimmable Driver – High efficiency & Long Life
  • Replacement for 400w Sodium & Metal Halide High Bay lights
  • Available in 4000k Cool White & 6000K Daylight
  • Life expectancy 50,000 hours
  • 200 – 240v Input Voltage
  • IP65 Rating for indoor or outdoor use
  • 350x329mm
  • 30000lm Output
  • CRI > 75
  • 120 ̊ wideBeam Angle
  • CE, EMC, RoHS Certified
  • 5 Year RTB Warranty
  • Aluminium Housing & Poly Carbonate Lens  AIC / TASCC Compliant
  • Typical uses:
Factories, Work Shops, Warehouses, Barns, Grain Stores, Live Stock
  • Operating temperature -20⁰C- +50⁰C


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