6w LED GU10 High Power 6000k Daylight White 490lm Output

This Retro-fit LED GU10 is a super bright LED light bulb, using far less energy than tradtional halogen versions. It has a high 490lm output, in a Daylight White 6000K colour temperature. This type of light is tends to be viewed as a brighter, crisper light than warmer colour temperatures. Being daylight colour, this is ideal for craft work, used for SAD therapy and for anywhere requiring a clean, bright light. This volume of light comfortably replaces a 50w halogen bulb. The light bulb has a standard measurement across the face of 50mm and a height of only 56mm, which means it will fit in most light fittings. This light bulb has a wide 120 degree beam angle, to give a wide spread of light rather than a focussed spot. This product is backed up with a 2 year warranty

Product Code: DZ10023

This light can be run using any suitable motion detecting sensors, dusk to dawn sensors or straight from a switch (All can be supplied separately).

  • Daylight White 6000K
  • 6w Consumption
  • 490lm Output
  • 170-250v Input Voltage
  • RA>80
  • 120 ̊ Beam Angle
  • Non- Dimmable
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • W: 50 x H: 56mm
  • CE, RoHS Certified


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